The Angry Video Game Nerd

Angry Video Game Nerd
General information
Address: Newark, New Jersey (First Three Seasons)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Four Seeson-present)
Interests: Reviewing Video Games
Occupation(s): YouTube Video Game Reviewer
Aliases: The Nerd
The Fucking Nerd
The Angry Nintendo Nerd
The Gamer
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Friends: Nostalgia Critic (Sometimes)
Enemies: Nostalgia Critic (Sometimes)
Series Information
Channel: Cinemassacre
Website: Cinemassacre
Screw Attack
Game Trailers (2009-2013)
First Appearance: Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
Portrayer: James Rolfe

The Angry Video Game Nerd, often abbreviated to, "AVGN", (formerly The Angry Nintendo Nerd) played by James Rolfe, is a famous video game reviewer, who started the angry video game reviewing style on YouTube.


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The AVGN's reviews, as the title would suggest, involve "over the top" style reviewing. He often reviews games he considers shitty, such as the Zelda CD-i games, and vice versa.


Many people liked the AVGN's videos, and AVGN got many fans from his videos. However, there were many things he got criticized for.


During the production of the AVGN movie, he made some videos asking for fans to donate money to him for the production of the movie. However, he did get criticized for this, for many reasons. Such as, he had other ways to reach the amount he wanted for the movie, which the profit is earned from ads on his YouTube videos, his videos on Screwattack, the site trafic and ads from Cinamssacre, and vice versa.

Cheetahmen 2 Fundraiser

This started on August 6, [2012]], it started with the AVGN advertising a fundraiser run by Greg Parplach, who wanted to "fix Action 52 and make it beatable". However, this got backlash mainly due to the fact, that this video was uploaded after the AVGN's Action 52 review. Later on, Mike Matei (a Friend of James) used the JamesNintendoNerd account to tell people that the Kickstarter was a scam.

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