Created By: John Rozanski

TheMysteriousMrEnter (also known as MrEnter for short), is a cartoon show reviewer known for his reviewing series "Animated Atrocities" and "Admirable Animations" on YouTube, Vimeo (his vimeo account got taken down due to copyright reasons), and Zippcast. He also uploads animated Atrocity and Admirable animation cards on Devianart, along with some blank templates for people to make their own cards. He usually uploads the card of an episode of a show he is going to do, before the review is on YouTube. There have been some exceptions.



Reception about MrEnter is mixed, some like MrEnter's videos, while some criticize him (espically his later videos) for nitpicking, or for his attitude he displays in his videos, such as Animated Attrocity #95, where he says for a majority of the video why he doesn't take requests.

Troll Poem criticism

In Admirable animations #31, he reviews a poem by Shane Koyczan, which is about Cyberbullying. However, he has received some backlash from his troll poem video, especially from a part of the video where he said he blocked people from his YouTube "due to them disagreeing with his opinion on trolls, due to their opinion being considered dangerous". In response to this, he made a follow up video, which also received backlash.

Casey Alexander Twitter Attacks

In the original version of Animated Atrocity #41, at a part, it showed screencaps of a tweet from Casey Alexander saying that he was fond of A Pal For Gary, he called Casey an "idiot" and a "fucking Moron". Shortly after the review was uploaded, fans of MrEnter's attacked Casey on Twitter, which led to some backlash from some, including a Kiwi Farms User KFC who called out MrEnter for the incident, afterward, he toke down the original video and made an updated version of the video, in response to the incident, he said "Don't do that. Like, please don't do that. That's not good guys. That's bad."