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Anime Doctor Who

ANIME DOCTOR WHO: 50th Anniversary Special - Part 1 (Doctor Who Week)

After Rose gets a distress call from The Doctor, she gathers a group of the Doctor's greatest allies, one of which is Sarah Jane Smith with K9. Sarah then appears when the Companions arrives where the Tenth Doctor is. Sarah then appears when they all say, "okay", after the Doctor says that he will take on the Time Lords. Sarah then appears when everyone is surprised after the Doctor says that they are going to fight the Daleks. A Dalek then shoots them. Sarah then appears at the end when The Narrator comes in and does a cliffhanger ending.

ANIME DOCTOR WHO: 50th Anniversary Special - Part 2 (Doctor Who Week)

Towards the end, Rose says that the companions were useless. Sarah then adds, "As always." Jack then asks what they are going to do.

At the very end of the video, Sarah appears in a clip of the first half of the two part video.

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