Sam Pepper
Sam Pepper, in his fake hand ass pinch prank video "part 3"
Channels: Sam Pepper
Occupation(s): Making Prank videos
Physical appearance
Gender: Male

Sam Pepper is a YouTuber who is well known for his prank videos and the contravery's that happen as a result of his Videos.


The videos he does are prank videos, mostly ones that involve girls in public (such as catching a girl with a lasso). His most notable videos are his fake hand ass pinch prank video, and his killing best friend prank videos.


He has been criticized by many for his prank videos, many being considered sexual harassment in public. The most notable case for this is his fake girl ass pinch video, where he goes up to girls, gets them distracted and then pinches their asses. The video was flagged by YouTube, and then he makes 2 more videos claiming the video was a "social experiment". Some YouTubers called him out on this for how the original didnt have "part 1" in the title and his history with women (see below).

Sexual harassment with Women

He has been criticized by many for sexually harassing women online and offline, some women even being underage.