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How It Should Have Ended (HISHE)

How It Should Have Ended

How Doomsday Should Have Ended

This video features the Doctor Who series 4 episode "Doomsday" got a redo on its ending. It featured the 10th Doctor trying to tell and eventually succeeding at telling Rose Tyler that he loved her when she was at "Bad Wold Bay" in an alternate universe.

Rug Burn and Nerdist

Anime Doctor Who

ANIME DOCTOR WHO: 50th Anniversary Special - Part 1 (Doctor Who Week)

Rose gets a distress call from the Doctor and assembles a team consisting of Sarah Jane Smith, K9, Strax, Jenny Flint, Madam Vaxtra, Captain Jack Harkness, and herself. They arrive at a Space Station and ask the 10th Doctor what is happening. The Doctor tells them that the Time Lords and Daleks have escaped the Time War. He tells them that he will take on the Time Lords and they will take on the Daleks. They all get a surprised look on their face. Soon after, they get shot by a Dalek laser. The Doctor uses his Sonic Screwdriver to increase his thinking capacity. Rose points this out.

ANIME DOCTOR WHO: 50th Anniversary Special - Part 2 (Doctor Who Week)

After the Master is revealed to be the mysterious figure, Rose is surprised. Later, the TARDIS-Delorean arrives and runs over the Master. Rose, Jack, and Sarah Jane are surprised. Later, the 10th and 11th Doctors with Doc Brown leave in the TARDIS-Delorean]], leaving the 10th Doctor's TARDIS with the team. Rose says that the team was useless and Sarah Jane adds "As always". Captain Jack asks what they should do. K9 starts up an old "lost" episode of Doctor who that is in the style of Steam Boat Willie.

Fan-Made Music Videos

Main article: List of Doctor Who Fan-Made Music Videos

There are numerous videos that put existing or original songs to footage of Doctor Who clips.

Fan-Made Trailers

Main article: List of Doctor Who Fan-Made Trailers

There are two types of Fan-Made Trailers:

  • Real Episodes: This is either the creator's version of a trailer for modern episodes or trailers for classic Doctor Who episodes, which never had the "next time on..." trailers.
  • Fake Episodes: This is a mash-up of clips used for an episode that the creator wishes were real.

The most popular of these is a fan-made trailer that was made for the 50th anniversary called, "Doctor Who: The First Question". It features numerous clips from both eras of the series. It was uploaded in Mid-2012 by LastWhovianTrailers and was re-uploaded by numerous users, up to the week of the Anniversary.


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There are two types of tributes:

  • Music: This version features clips put to existing music. The difference between this and a music video is that a music video puts the clips to the music and a musical tribute puts the music to the clips and can feature more than one song.
  • No Music: This version just puts clips together.