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Anime Doctor Who

ANIME DOCTOR WHO: 50th Anniversary Special - Part 1 (Doctor Who Week)

After Rose gets a distress call from The Doctor, she gathers a group of the Doctor's greatest allies, one of which is Sarah Jane Smith with K9. He then appears when the Companions arrives where the Tenth Doctor is. K9 then appears when they all say, "okay", after the Doctor says that he will take on the Time Lords. K9 then appears when everyone is surprised after the Doctor says that they are going to fight the Daleks. A Dalek then shoots them. K9 then appears at the end when The Narrator comes in and does a cliffhanger ending.

ANIME DOCTOR WHO: 50th Anniversary Special - Part 2 (Doctor Who Week)

He appears at the end having a suggestion. A Projector appears out of his body and his eye panel becomes the projector's light emitter. The Lost episode starts.


Bad Days

Doctor Who - Bad Days Season 3 Ep 3/Bad Days - Doctor Who - Creator Commentary

The 11th Doctor is bored on the TARDIS. He is playing with a ball. K9 appears and the Doctor hits him with the Ball. K9 fizzes and then his head falls off and he catches fire. At the end of the video, the Doctor regenerates into the 12th Doctor. K9 appears again and the Doctor kicks K9.

Stephen Byrne

The Animated Adventures of Doctor Who

K9 first appears on the TARDIS, where Clara and K9 are running from a Dalek. K9 then appears at the end, when the Clara, the Doctor, an Adipose creature, Handles, K9, and the Dalek arrive at the TARDIS console.

Doctor Stew

Doctor Stew is a parody of Doctor Who in the animation of Family Guy, American Dad, and the Cleveland Show.

K9's parody name is "Pupp/y".