Created By: FoxtrotDeltaLima497 (unknown name)
Associated Channel(s): ShadowTheUltimate777 (suspended)
Creation Date: January 27, 2010
Other Names: Foxtrot

FoxtrotDeltaLima497 is a YouTuber who did commentaries on other YouTubers.


  • Commentaries: he does commentaries on people.
  • [insert something here] gets owned: he uses a Microsoft Sam voice and rants about something.


When he first started off, he got positive reception in his older videos, however, he later started to get flack in his later videos for copying commentaries from other commentators, such as Episode 7 copying Tbone2004's commentary on the girl who was crying due to her haters, and episode 17 copying Shadsilvson11's Commentary on Sonicandtails4life's commentary on ShadowStar1224.