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Please stop being mean to me. I know that when I was an admin, I abused my abilities and many of you hated me for it, you got me kicked out of my adminship. However, when I lost everything, you still kicked him around like I deserved to die in the worst way possible.

I left the wiki on August 1 because of your behavior towards me. I returned a few months later because I missed editing on this wiki. When I returned, I was basically greeted with a block. And ever since then I haven't been able to go more than a week without having someone block me.

I am trying to be nice. I just want you to stop blocking and making fun of me. I am trying to improve this wiki. I am trying to make this wiki more of a community. This wiki is broken. This is a fact. If you cannot see it than take off your rose-colored glasses and look at the truth.

When I was new on this wiki, blocking was reserved for the worst offenses. Now, it is used to solve any little problem a blocker has with a person. If a blocker does not like you, you get blocked. If you are trying to defend your position, you get blocked. If you accidentally make a small mistake, you get blocked. It should not be that way.

Please stop blocking and talk. That is the first priority of a blocker. You may have the ability to block, but that does not mean you should use it.

It is not just the blocks I have a problem with. Before I left, many users kept telling me to stop living in the past, but then and now, they will not stop living in the past. Users keep acting like I am the same person I was when I was admin. I am not. I may be more clever, but not everything I do is bad. Not ever edit has to be questioned. Not every suggestion has to be turned down. I am not the same person in regards to behavior, but I am the same person in regards to contributions. I have never and will never make an edit that vandalizes the wiki. I have always improved or tried to improve on this wiki. I may not know the best way of doing it, but does that really mean that I should be punished?

One of the biggest problems are the implied rules, the rules like the GIF rule, where GIFs are not allowed in galleries, or the general reception rule, where general reception is supposed to be removed. These implied rules are rules made up by users, without real discussion. We need to have a discussion on every rule.

I am about to leave this wiki because of the behavior of the users towards me. If you are a blocker and are cheering inside, then you don't deserve your position. I remember when I was admin, I was criticized for scaring potential users away because of my actions. Before I left, I found out that both blockers and regular users did not care about the people they blocked. I found it out in something I like to call, "Chat Bash", which is not a party, but something that occurred, and may still occur, where users kept insulting users who they did not like, mostly blocked users. This was one of the reasons I left the wiki.

Another reason I left the wiki was because of Nicko. He is like me in regards to wanting everyone to follow the rules. However, these are not always wiki rules. Before I left, there was a huge debate on the grammar rules. While we agree on most of the rules, the ones that are debated, we do not agree on. His arguments gave only evidence and no reason to use his rules, while my arguments gave only reasons to use my rules and no evidence. This is one of the many type of discussions I want to redo with my new discussion system. Ever since I returned Nicko has been trying to get rid of me. He has even made things up just to block me. Which sounds so familiar. Oh that's right, JCM.

Ever since I lost my adminship, JCM has been trying to get rid of me as well. However, once I returned, it was mostly Nicko who had taken his place.

Another big problem is the double-standards. The blockers think that they are invincible. They don't think that the rules apply to them. This is not just my opinion, I have proof. On the page that I most recently got blocked for editing, Company Picnic, JCM broke the 3-revert rule and has yet to pay the consequences.

I may not be the best person in the world, but just please stop making fun of me or bringing things up from the past or blocking me. I don't deserve to be blocked. I am not a vandalizer. I just want this wiki to be fair and communicate with one another instead of just being jerks and never questioning anything.

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