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Doctor Who You Make Me Smile (Remake)

Doctor Who You Make Me Smile (Remake)
You Make Me Smile First Frame
Channel: Every Song in Order
Upload Date: October 27, 2015
Doctor Who You Make Me Smile (Remake)

Doctor Who You Make Me Smile (Remake)

Actor(s): David Tennant (Himself/Tenth Doctor)
Billie Piper (Herself/Rose Tyler)
Camille Coduri (Herself/Jackie Tyler)
Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler)
Andrew Hayden-Smith (Jake Simmonds)
Catherine Tate (Herself)
Jacqueline King (Herself)<Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith)
Paul Kasey and Ellen Thomas (Clockwork People)
Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor)
Florence Hoath (Nancy)
Albert Valentine (Jamie)
John Barrowman (Himself/Jack Harkness)
Marc Warren (Elton Pope)
Paul Kasey (Hoix)
Adjoa Andoh (Jatt)
Russell Tovey (Midshipman Alonso Frame)
Pauline Collins (Queen Victoria)
Derek Riddell (Robert MacLeish)
Jo Joyner (Lynda Moss)
Bernard Cribbins (Himself)
June Whitfield (Herself)
Uncle Kracker (Singer)
Editor(s): Dylan Kelly

Doctor Who You Make Me Smile (Remake) is a Every Song in Order video that is currently in production. It is a remake of Doctor Who You Make Me Smile by Hallow Rose.


This video is a tribute to the Doctor and Rose Tyler's relationship, featuring clips from Season 1 and 2 of Doctor Who and set to You Make Me Smile by Uncle Kracker.


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