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General information
Interests: Exterminating all inferior life forms
Aliases: The Enemy
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Species: Cyborg
Ancestors: Kaleds
Enemies: All life, but the Daleks

The Daleks are a race of cyborg mutant aliens that are a common enemy of The Doctor.


Davros found a prophecy in the forbidden Book of Predictions, written in the extinct language of the Dals, which stated "...and on that day, men will become as gods." In the original language, the final word was pronounced "Dal-ek." Davros heard the word in the proposed "Dalek Solution", presented to him by assistant Shan; he soon stole her idea, and adapted it into what would become the creation of the Daleks. According to one account, "Dalek" was an anagram of "Kaled", the race from which the Daleks were genetically engineered. Ronson, a member of the Scientific Elite under the command of Davros, mentioned that the word "Dalek" had never been heard before the Fourth Doctor used it and then, hours later, Davros himself uttered it.

There were several conflicting accounts over how the Daleks came to be.

At one point, the Daleks were stranded in their city, where they found that the Thals had also survived what was known as the neutronic war. After discovering they became dependent on the background radiation to the point of the anti-radiation meds Susan Foreman gave them being lethal to them, the Daleks attempted to set off atomic weapons which would have left them as the only living species on Skaro. The First Doctor and his companions led a Thal assault and deactivated their power.

However, the Daleks survived and, being led by the Dalek Emperor and the Dalek Council, forged an interstellar (and later intergalactic) Dalek Empire.

The Daleks had conquered and occupied the Earth in 22nd century. The Dalek invasion force were led by the Black Dalek known as the Supreme Controller and each saucer was under the command of a Dalek Saucer Commander. They used Robomen for patrols and overseeing slaves. The Daleks commenced a mining operation in Bedfordshire in order to reach the Earth's magnetic core, replace it with a propulsion system, and turn the whole planet into a massive spacecraft. However the First Doctor foiled the plan and the volcano eruption killed the Daleks and destroyed their base.

Over the course of their history, the Daleks developed time travel, an interstellar (and later intergalactic) Dalek Empire and factory ships for conquest. The radio dishes which had originally been required to allow them to travel on surfaces without a static charge also vanished, enabling Daleks to move under their own power.

Under orders from the Dalek Prime, the Dalek Supreme sent an execution squad in a Dalek time machine to pursue the TARDIS and kill the First Doctor and his companions throughout history. The squad chased them on the planet of Aridius, on New York City in 1966, in Mary Celeste, Festival of Ghana and finally on Mechanus. The Daleks created a a robot version of the Doctor to "infiltrate and kill" the real Doctor and his companions but it was destroyed. The squad attacked the Mechonoids in their Mechonoid City. The Dalek Leader slipped away from the battle with the Mechonoids after realized that the assassination squad had no chance of winning. As the last surviving Dalek and in an act of self-sacrifice, it hacked into the city's computer systems and set the whole place to self-destruct, hoping to kill the Doctor and his companions in the blast. The Doctor escaped and the squad failed in their mission.

The Daleks formed an alliance with the Outer Galaxies and Mavic Chen, who supplied them with an emm of Taranium, which was vital to the Time Destructor to wipe out the Solar System. However, the First Doctor escaped with the Taranium, and the Daleks pursued him until he apparently surrendered it to them - this turned out to be a fake, however, so a Dalek task force with a Red Dalek sent from Skaro in another time machine by the Dalek Prime pursued him and his companions through time until the core was finally recovered in Ancient Egypt. They successfully recovered the core, although the Red Dalek was killed by rocks during the battle with the Egyptians. The Doctor activated the Time Destructor which destroyed the Daleks, their invasion fleet and left Kembel a wasteland. This event triggered the Great War.

At some point after the events on Kembel, a Dalek factory ship crashed on Vulcan, where it lay for three hundred years until a human scientist named Lesterson recovered and penetrated the capsule. Once activated, the surviving Daleks in the capsule decided to pose as obedient robotic servant drones, claiming to be the colonists' willing servants. The Daleks took advantage of the colonists' naive trust to establish a reproduction plant - on a conveyor belt system - with which to increase their numbers. The Second Doctor eventually destroyed the Daleks by turning the colony's power source against them, but not before the Daleks killed a vast number of the colony's inhabitants.

Daleks led by the Emperor began working on more advanced time travel technology in conjunction with Theodore Maxtible. The Daleks wanted humanised Daleks, so they forced the Second Doctor to implant the Human Factor into three Daleks. This would also identify the Dalek Factor, which they would spread through Earth's history and prevent the Great War from happening. However, the Second Doctor encouraged the three humanised Daleks, Alpha, Beta and Omega, to defend themselves. Fearful of the implications, the Emperor ordered many Daleks through an archway that would reimplant the Dalek Factor. However, the Doctor switched factors so that all Daleks through the archway were humanised. A conflict between the normal and humanised Daleks inevitably broke out across Skaro, apparently ending the Daleks.

However, the Dalek Civil War did not end the Daleks as the Doctor predicted it would; the humanised Daleks were defeated and the Emperor's forces began rebuilding, resulting in the emergence of a new command structure involving grey Dalek drones and Gold Supreme Daleks. The Doctor next encountered the Daleks in his third incarnation and reflected on how he was wrong to believe that the Daleks had been utterly defeated.

Near the civil war, the unmodified Daleks were too numerous and the surviving humanised rebels, led by Alpha, were forced to flee Skaro in a captured saucer. Alpha had a vision of a world where they could live in peace and seclusion, knowing the rest of their species would never stop hunting them. They settled on Kyrol in a subterranean city, Azhra Korr, beneath the sea bed. Here they created their own culture, making art, meditating, and developing the psychic abilities latent in all Daleks. The Eighth Doctor and his companion Izzy Sinclair helped the humanized Daleks defeat the Kata-Phobus, the last Kyrolian. The Kyrolian race became extinct when Alpha and the other Daleks self-destructed.

A Dalek outpost was located on an Earth-like planet. The planet was rich in the materials the Daleks need to construct more Daleks. In 2135, the Second Doctor arrived on the planet, intent on fighting the Daleks' power. Using a home-made Dalek casing for a disguise, he infiltrated the outpost (leaving John and Gillian in the TARDIS) and learned that the Dalek Supreme was on his way to supervise the production of thousands of Daleks. He went to the mine to sabotage it, but was spotted leaving his casing and forced to flee. The Daleks searched for him and, unable to tell which one was the imposter, began destroying each other. The Dalek Supreme contacted them from his ship and ordered them to stop, but the Doctor then impersonated the Dalek Supreme and ordered the Daleks to destroy themselves. The Doctor escaped in the TARDIS just before the Dalek Supreme arrived, having struck a devastating blow against the Daleks.

The Daleks established a base on a Earth-like planet and constructed the giant Exterminator which they intended to destroy the Earth. The Second Doctor, John and Gillian arrived on the planet and learned what the Daleks were up to. To defeat them, they derailed the train carrying the Daleks who had been trained to operate the Exterminator, stole the weapon's instructions so the Doctor could learn to operate it himself, then used the weapon to destroy all the Daleks on this planet.

The Daleks led by a Gold Dalek, invaded Earth in an alternate 22nd century after the World Peace Conference was destroyed by Shura from the future. World War III started as various global factions accused each other of having done so. They used Ogrons as enforces. The Third Doctor and Jo Grant travelled to 1970s and undid that alternate timeline. Shura used the bomb to destroy the Daleks and Ogrons in the Auderly House. One account claims a Black Dalek was present as a second-in-command and was responsible for much of the Gold Dalek's tasks while the Gold Dalek acted as an overseer.

The Daleks led by a Dalek Saucer Commander used a saucer to destroy Earth satellites during the Cold War, hoping the Americans and the Russians would blame each other and the conflict would escalate. The saucer landed at the bottom of the ocean, sealed within a pressure dome, where it was to wait until the Daleks saw the perfect moment to strike. However, it was infiltrated by the Third Doctor who contacted a submarine, the HMS Pandora, and ordered it to fire on the ship. The Daleks died as the ship flooded.

The Daleks allied with the Master to undermine the Earth and Draconian Empires and set them against each other and then take over with a huge army assembled on Spiridon. Despite the Master's failure to cause war, the army was prepared and the Daleks looked toward utilizing the invisibility properties of Spiridon's inhabitants as a means of developing stealth technology. However, all of these plans were put on hold when the Dalek army was frozen by the Third Doctor and a task force of Thals. Once the Earth and Draconian Empires learned it was the Daleks disturbing the peace, war was declared on the Dalek Empire.

After decades of fighting, the Daleks found they were losing. They tried to use the Arkheon Threshold, a rift in time above a planet they had destroyed decades earlier, planning to use the rift to wipe out humanity throughout time so that the human race would have never existed. They used human prisoners to dig through the crust of the planet to reach the Threshold. The Tenth Doctor joined forces with a crew of Dalek Bounty Hunters on board the Wayfarer. About the same time, the people of the planet Auros learned of an approaching Dalek fleet, and the population fled before the Daleks arrived. Meanwhile, the Daleks waited for the refugee fleet to come to them and the Dalek Inquisitor General, Dalek X, ordered the citizens sent to work in the Arkheon mines. The crew and the Doctor were taken prisoner on Arkheon and the Doctor was forced to reveal his identity. Dalek X arrived to subject the Doctor to torture and extract Bowman's brain to learn how to bypass Earth's defence systems. The Doctor explained that the Daleks did not have the technology to use the Threshold, but Dalek X thought the Doctor's TARDIS would allow their plan to succeed. The Doctor took Dalek X to Hurala, using the TARDIS as a lure, where Bowman, Koral and he escaped due to Cuttin' Edge attacking a Dalek and being exterminated. The Doctor detonated the abandoned fuelling station on Hurala, destroying all the Daleks as well as Dalek X's flagship, the Exterminator. The loss put a huge dent in the Dalek war machine. Earth pushed back their fleet and the Dalek Empire surrendered shortly after. Dalek X was knocked down a gantry and survived the explosion, though was badly damaged and unable to escape.

After the Dalek war, a Dalek Saucer travelled to the planet Exxilon in search of Parrinium, where all of its power was taken by the Exxilon City. The Dalek taskforce (whose leader was distinguished by orange dome lights) encountered the Third Doctor and his companion Sarah Jane Smith along with a human expedition. They attempted to gun down the humans, but discovered that the Exxilon City had also drained their power supplies, rendering their gunsticks useless and forcing the Daleks to form an unholy alliance with the humans. While their gunsticks didn't work, the Daleks replaced them with machine guns and enslaved the Exxillons in search for parrinium. When their power was restored, the Daleks revealed they were the cause of the Space Plague and were about to fire plague missiles to kill the Exxilons and the Doctor as they made their getaway in their ship. However, it and its crew were destroyed by Dan Galloway, who had stowed away on the ship with a Dalek bomb, which he detonated.

The Daleks allied with a Renegade Time Lord Shazar and planned to build a fleet of TARDISes to conquer the galaxy. The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith stopped the plan and the Dalek space station was nearly close to a sun. The Daleks escaped with their TARDIS fleet. but all ships exploded, destroying them.

The Daleks got involved in a war with a race of robots called the Movellans which resulted in a stalemate: each side's purely logical battle computer kept them in deadlock.. To circumvent this stalemate, the Daleks returned to Skaro to find Davros so his biological mind could reprogram their battle computers to win the war. However, the Fourth Doctor defeated them and the Movellans and Davros was taken by the Daleks' former slaves to stand trial. The war continued for 90 years, until the Movellans developed a Movellan virus to defeat the Daleks. Unknown to Davros and The Doctor, The Dalek-Movellan war was a fake as part of the Dalek Prime's plan to prevent Skaro's destruction by the Hand of Omega.

The Daleks' plan was to exterminate the human race by channelling 100 times the required energy into the receivers on Earth in 2025. This will lead to the formation of a giant forcefield around Earth, which will counteract the effect of gravity. The Moon will be forced out of Earth orbit. This will in turn cause the Earth in shift on its axis of rotation, leading to highly destructive floods, Earthquakes and tectonic events which will eventually wipe out all life on the planet. The Fourth Doctor and Leela stopped them by redirecting the energy transfer to their ship as they fled.

In 45th century in Stockbridge, a rain was mutating the villagers into zombie slaves of the Daleks. They tried to turn the Doctor into a Dalek and use his TARDIS to help conquer the universe, but failed and they were defeated.

The Fifth Doctor took Tegan and Nyssa to Florana early in its history, when it was a barren planet. He found that a Dalek had crashed and taken control of the planet, pretending to be its god. It was destroyed by Thane, who attempted to take over himself. This resulted in the killing of many of the inhabitants, and the flowers Florana was named after grew from their ashes.

Afterwards, a detachment of Daleks led by a Supreme Dalek went to free their creator to find a cure for the virus. They also used a time corridor and and a Dalek Duplicate called Stien to trap the Fifth Doctor to duplicate him and his Companions to assassinate the Time Lord High Council. However, the Doctor broke free of the duplication apparatus and turned Stien to his cause. Meanwhile, Davros turned several Dalek Troopers and two Daleks to his cause but the Supreme's Daleks destroyed the rebels. Both Davros and the Doctor unleashed the virus and the Dalek ship was destroyed by Stien.

Davros escaped to Necros and began to turn intelligent cryogenically frozen people into Imperial Daleks to conquer the universe. However, Takis called the Renegade Daleks to take Davros to stand trial. The Renegades fought their way past the Imperials to take Davros. He tried to get them to take the Sixth Doctor, but they didn't recognise him. The Renegades' attempt to recondition the Imperials failed because of the Imperials' destruction by the Doctor and Orcini.

En route to Skaro, the ship carrying Davros crashed on the planet Lethe. Davros was rescued, and he set himself up as 'Professor Vaso' and attempted to create a new machine, a Juggernaut based on a Mechanoid design.

Lethe's atmosphere prevented the Supreme Dalek retrieving Davros directly, but its forces intercepted the Sixth Doctor's TARDIS, forcing him to serve as an agent of the Daleks and stop Davros' researches and manipulations. The Doctor discovered two of Davros' Necros Daleks had survived the crash, but were destroyed following Davros' final gambit on the colony and the Supreme Dalek's intervention.

While on Skaro, the Sixth Doctor rescued Davros just before the Daleks carried out their sentence of death. The Doctor took Davros to Spiridon, where he could lick his wounds and bide his time. The Doctor intended to lay the groundwork for a Dalek civil war and spoke to Davros of his future destiny as Emperor Dalek.

When the Renegades led by the Supreme Dalek landed on Spiridon with the Seventh Doctor, Davros set his army of Imperial Daleks against them, along with a Special Weapons Dalek. The Supreme Dalek died. The Imperials then took over Skaro.

The Imperial and Renegade Daleks both headed to Earth in 1963 to claim the Hand of Omega. The Imperials controlled H. Parson, while the Renegades used Judith Winters as their battle computer and "allied" with the Association. The two faction waged a lengthy battle at Shoreditch. Aided by the Special Weapons Dalek, the Imperial Daleks won, almost wiping out the Renegades aside from the Supreme. The Imperial Daleks took the Hand of Omega, as the Seventh Doctor had planned all along. Davros (as "Emperor" of the Imperials) plotted to make the sun of the Daleks' homeworld Skaro go supernova, giving the Daleks the power of unlimited time travel. In the Imperial Daleks' time zone, he did so. This action, however, destroyed the planet and the Imperial fleet. On Earth, the Doctor talked the last Renegade Dalek, the black Supreme Dalek, into self-destructing.

The Renegades survived this battle and began calling themselves Imperials. One account states that Davros' escape pod was acquired by a garbage ship, the Quetzel, which the Eighth Doctor and Sam Jones also ended up on. A group of Thals arrived, with the intention of using Davros to effectively turn them into Daleks so they could fight the Daleks better. A Dalek force arrived and took the Quetzel to a planet called Skaro. The Dalek Prime claimed that this was the original Skaro, and that the planet the Doctor had destroyed was a decoy called Antalin. The Dalek Prime knew that some of its own Daleks were loyal to Davros and put Davros on trial to flush them out. A battle ensued and the Dalek Prime emerged victorious. Davros was apparently executed but may have been teleported to safety by a loyal Spider Dalek.

Another account states that Davros' escape pod entered the time vortex and was found by a Nekkistani ship. The Eighth Doctor, Samson Griffin and Gemma Griffin found the Nekkistani ship in the vortex and the Griffins boarded the ship to investigate. Davros exacted his revenge by sending them back to Earth, wiping the Doctor's memory of them and operating on the TARDIS. Samson was sent home and Gemma became part of the "resistance" to the new race of Daleks Davros made on Earth. They conquered the planet, leaving only the area where Samson lived free from Dalek control. When the Doctor, Charley Pollard and C'rizz returned from the Divergent Universe, Davros was waiting for them. Davros' mind had become fractured between his own personality and that of "the Emperor". A series of events led to the Doctor actually giving the Daleks their Emperor and letting them leave Earth. Davros left Earth with his Daleks, the Emperor personality dominant.

At some point the Daleks under the leadership of a gold and crimson Dalek Supreme pretended to take the survivors of Red Rocket Rising to an other planet. But in reality they deflected the asteroid to destroy Martez's experiments. But failed. They planned to use their command ship to destroy the Mutant Dalek base to ensure that the blood of the Daleks remained pure, after that they would exterminate all humans of the planet. But an explosion cancelled the detonation and saved Eileen Klint's people thanks to the Eighth Doctor's companion Lucie Miller and Tom Cardwell. Despite that, The Daleks decided to destroy the mutants personally. Two Dalek groups confronted each other. The invading group ordered the mutants versions to stand aside and allow to access. but their demands were refused. More of the new generation already outnumbered the original group, but the Dalek Supreme was determined not to let the fake creatures win. Refusing to self destruct themselves, they believed to be superior. A full-scale Dalek battle was about to begin, with both Dalek groups determined to completely wipe out the other... but then they heard the sound of a large group of humans advancing on their position. The humans attacked both Dalek groups, the Skaro Daleks and Martez's Daleks. The Doctor and his allies defeated the Daleks and the ones hovering on the skies. The only survivors are the Dalek Supreme and one of Martez's Daleks. The last of Martez's creations dies by the Skaro Dalek and the Dalek Supreme, bleeding and damaged, dies before it could say the doctor must be exterminated. The Daleks gained a small victory over the Mutant Daleks.

A Dalek force led by a Black Dalek destroyed a fleet of civilian transporters and allowed a ship piloted by Lieutenant Beth Stokes and Sergeant Tahira Khan escape so that they would follow them to the planet Bliss where Roarke 279 research facility was located. The Daleks encountered the Seventh Doctor and his companions Ace and Hex. Professor Toshio Shimura created the parasitic creatures the Kiseibya and these creatures attacked the Daleks, tearing through a Dalek platoon, leaving the Black Dalek — now infested with Kiseibya eggs as the only survivor when the Doctor arrived. The remaining Daleks on planet ordered their ship to depart to prevent the Kiseibya spreading before exterminating themselves. The Doctor departed the base before the Black Dalek exploded, destroying the facility and the Kiseibya: the very atrocity that history recorded would take place.

On the first stage of their new empire, the Daleks invaded Kar-Charrat to gain knowledge data from the Library on Kar-Charrat with their Test subjects. They created the first, but it went insane. However the second test subject was able to gain knowledge from the Wetworks facility and gained a respect for non-Dalek life and refused to obey orders to kill and destroy. It was destroyed by the Special Weapons Dalek. The Daleks were stopped by the Seventh Doctor and his companion Ace who planted explosives which killed the Daleks and destroyed the wetworks facility, freeing the Kar-Charratans. However the Dalek Supreme retreated to its mothership and reported failure to the Emperor Dalek, who was infuriated and ordered it to self-destruct. It did and the Emperor decided another plan would be completed. Unknown to the Doctor, the Daleks gained information which they would use in their invasions including about the human mind and Project Infinity.

The second stage of Dalek Empire was to take control of Gallifrey. The Daleks led by the Black Dalek removed the Etra Prime from time and space so that they could mine the Apocalypse Element from the planet kidnapping a Monan and Time Lord delegation including Lady President Romanadvoratrelundar. Twenty years later the Daleks sent Etra Prime on a collision course with the planet Archetryx, which was hosting a temporal treaty attended by twenty of the Temporal Powers. The Dalek force invaded Gallifrey and added their own mental energy to the Eye, which did contain the Element. The Daleks were defeated by the Sixth Doctor. Despite that defeat, The Daleks detonated the Element in the Seriphia Galaxy, destroying everything within it, and allowed the Daleks to establish a power base and to control over a million Skaros for their new empire.

During the early days of the Dalek invasion and occupation of Earth in 22nd century a lone Dalek in 2158 Kansas was damaged by weapon fire which penetrated its casing, allowing for a parasitic wasp to enter the body. Once the Dalek returned to base, it was deemed damaged and sent to the repair bay where its genetic material was to be analysed. This was part of the Daleks' standard practice of taking the DNA to the reproductive factories for the breeding of more Daleks. It was at this point that the Dalek Emperor from an alternate future arrived and informed them of a great catastrophe that would befall them and provided them a cure; an insecticide that would prevent a so-called "Mutant Phase" from occurring. The Fifth Doctor and Nyssa arrived to help a Thal professor Ptolem and his friend Ganatus for the research over the Mutant Phase. This had caused the Daleks transformed into nearly indestructible creatures. the Dalek Emperor forced The Doctor return to the 22nd century to stop the mutant phase's origins and destroyed Skaro by exploding the planet in the 43rd century when it came under attack by the Mutant Phase. the Emperor implanted his mind into Ganatus' to make sure Ptolem and the Doctor did their work. It was The Emperor who was the cause of implementing an ineffective pesticide paradox and this divergent timeline. The Fifth Doctor convinced him to stop before he would endangered his species and the universe would be destroyed. The Emperor listened and negated the Alternate timeline and the mutant phase and The Emperor were erased from existence.

The final stage of the Empire began when the Daleks launched over a thousand Dalek Saucers into the Time Vortex. A Temporal Extinction Device was deployed in a time fissure by a Dalek vessel within the Time Vortex. This caused instability. The Dalek time ship was swamped by a tidal wave of temporal energy. They were trapped in a Time loop however one pilot and two strategists arrived to General Mariah Learman after using an escape Time corridor the Daleks injected her with drugs in order a pilot with understanding be replaced after she destroyed the pilot by imploding it. They invaded earth in 17th century These forces were stopped by the Doctor, who left them trapped in the vortex. The Time Lords later made a deal with the Daleks that allowed them to leave the Time Vortex.

Settling down to more general use of their time travelling abilities, the Daleks proceeded on a grand effort to create a permanent base of operations. Using knowledge from the library of Kar-Charrat and the power of Gallifrey, the Daleks obliterated the entire Seriphia Galaxy with the Apocalypse Element, remaking it to their own designs. From there, the Daleks staged several major invasions of the Mutter's Spiral, notably in the 42nd and 67th centuries.

The Daleks intend to unearth their ancient army under the surface of Spiridon and make it invisible. An army of Daleks from the Seriphia Galaxy began the second occupation of Zaleria. Although the Zalerians fully cooperated with the Daleks, the Daleks began to handle the natives with more aggressive methods backed by Ogron troops. It soon became apparent that the Daleks realized they could revive the army and continue their invisibility experiments. Daleks of the Dalek Scientific Division experimented on the Zalerians by placing them in light-wave chambers, hoping to reverse their visibility and reverse-engineer the secret. Although Kalendorf and Susan Mendes attempted to stop them, the Seventh Doctor agreed to help the Daleks unlock the secret to invisibility in exchange for Kalendorf's life. Years later, the Zalerians' invisibility was restored when the Doctor released a contagion. The same contagion gave the Daleks a fatal light-wave sickness which the Spiridons thought also killed the Doctor. However the Dalek army that was revived already was destroyed and the invisibility was reclaimed to Zaleria's inhabitants.

The Last Great Time War was known as the "final battle" between the Time Lords and the Daleks. While in his ninth incarnation, the Doctor claimed he killed the Daleks along with practically all of the Time Lords, when the Daleks actually destroyed themselves when every incarnation of the Doctor teamed up together to put Gallifrey and the Time Lords into a pocket universe, freezing it in time, leaving the Daleks with no target for their fire but each other.

The Ninth Doctor incorrectly assumed that "the entire Dalek race" was "wiped out" apart from a lone Dalek that fell through time into the Ascension Islands. Other survivors of the Time War included the Dalek Emperor, the Cult of Skaro and a group of million Dalek prisoners inside the Genesis Ark. The "last" Dalek somehow survived the time war and , fell through time and crashed like a Meteorite "on the Ascension Islands". The Dalek lay in its burning crater for three days, screaming the entire time, before it was retrieved. Its weapon systems inactive and its outer armour heavily damaged, the Dalek was sold at private auction and passed through several hands over the next fifty years. In 2012 it was acquired by billionaire Henry Van Statten who nicknamed it Metaltron. It sent a distress signal to the Ninth Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler. Upon Rose's touch it absorbed a small amount of her DNA, and considered itself 'infected'. It went on a rampage and ultimately self-destructed.

The Emperor survived and influenced the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire as a cover for his plans and used the Jagrafess and the Editor as puppets in circa 199,909. He rebuilt the Dalek race using human cells to create an army of half million Daleks to ensure its plans would commence. It also built 200 flying saucers to board 2000 Daleks each.

The Emperor's ship held 500,000 Daleks. This Emperor had recreated the Dalek race; it saw itself as God and immortal and so was worshiped by the new Daleks. These and other religious concepts such as blasphemy were new to Dalek psychology.

The Emperor's pawn The Controller hated her masters and transmatted the Ninth Doctor and his allies to the Game Station to help defeat them. When he discovered the fleet and the new Daleks, the Doctor realised that the Daleks were part-humans and hated their own existence. Jack Harkness led a small human resistance to stop the Daleks. Thanks to Rodrick, humans on Floor 000 didn't help him. On Floor 500 The Doctor decided to create a Delta Wave to destroy the Daleks, but didn't have enough time to refine it so that it could distinguish between humans and Daleks. The Doctor decided to turn his chance down to use the delta wave to kill humans and Daleks alike. The Emperor thought he was victorious, but he and his entire fleet were atomised by Rose Tyler after she had absorbed the energies of the time vortex and became the Bad Wolf.

Toward the end of the Last Great Time War the Daleks sent a time capsule to 70 AD Earth in order to spread the Dalek Factor amongst the humans. In this instance the Factor took the form of a distinctive set of genetic changes. The capsule's engine exploded, and the Dalek was killed soon after impact. It was only able to release a small amount of the Dalek Factor, leading to only 1 in 500,000,000 humans having it. The only known carrier of the Dalek Factor was Kate Yates.

The Dalek Factor was generally hidden amongst the genes. When the casing of the Dalek was rediscovered and activated in 2007, the Dalek Factor in Kate was reactivated. When Kate Yates was hit by a car, she was able to survive and regenerated the damage away. Her hair turned blond and she gained immense intelligence and increased strength. She also started to develop a Dalek mindset, hating all other humans and trying to help the Daleks. When she touched the casing of the Dalek, Kate was also able to reactivate it and cause a new Dalek to be grown from raw materials in the case. Eventually, she was able to overcome her Dalek instincts and was able to help the Tenth Doctor and Rose kill the Dalek, causing her Dalek Factor to deactivate.

A group of surviving Daleks unleashed their Proton cannon on 22nd century Earth resulting in all life becoming intangible (unable to touch solids). The plan was that, unable to eat, humans would soon just waste away from the Earth and the Dalek survivors would rebuild war ships and attack. The Tenth Doctor used the Krikoosh to enter the building and reach the proton cannon. Unhurt by the Daleks' rays, the Doctor makes some adjustments and turns the weapon against the Daleks. The humans become solid again and the Daleks with their 'protective' shield are now the intangible ones. The Daleks judge this an unacceptable outcome and initiate Self-destruct.

The Cult of Skaro was created by the Dalek Emperor and had given names to it's members Dalek Sec the leader of the cult, Dalek Caan, Dalek Thay and Dalek Jast. They were "above and beyond the Emperor himself" and designed to "think as the enemy thinks" and to imagine new ways of survival and also imagine new ways of killing. The Cult survived the Last Great Time War by hiding in the Void Ship and fleeing to between universe The Void with the Genesis Ark. However the void ship travelled to Earth in 2007 on London. An army of 5 million Cybermen of a Parallel universe followed the void ship and invaded the earth.

The void ship opened and the cult held Rose and Mickey Smith hostage. The Cybermen and Dalek Thay met each other. The Cybermen proposed an alliance with the Daleks to conquer the universe. Thay refused and killed two Cybermen. Cyber-leader declared war on the Daleks, which the Cult declared "pest control".

The Tenth Doctor arrived and confronted the Cult. He allowed the Cybermen and The Preachers enter the sphere chamber via his Sonic screwdriver. However the Cybermen threat was defeated and the Ark was activated by Mickey by accident. The Daleks made their way out of Torchwood One while Sec overseen the freeing of million Daleks who attacked Cybermen and humans in the Battle of Canary Wharf. The Doctor opened a breach in the universe which sucked all Daleks and Cybermen to the Void. Unknown to the Time Lord, the Cult initiated an emergency temporal shift to escape to 1930 in New York City.

The Cult infiltrated the construction of the Empire State Building and set up a base inside the sewers. They attempted to create new Dalek embryos but failed. The Daleks created new servants called Pig slaves to kidnap humans. Those who had high intelligence would be part of the Final Experiment while the ones who had low intelligence would become more pig slaves. Sec became the human-Dalek.

The Tenth Doctor freed the prisoners by distracting them and the Pig Slaves follow them and find Hooverville. Sec, witnessed the murder of Solomon, halted the attack and allow the residents unharmed as long the Doctor would help the cult. The Hybrid Sec explained that they needed his help to make their race reborn as the Human-Daleks with human emotions and Dalek intelligence. He told them that the Gamma radiation would strike the energy conductor and awaken the army. The Doctor and Sec worked on the genes while waiting for the lightning to hit the transmitter and restore the Dalek race as a race with emotions. The rest of the cult sabotaged the project and fit the new bodies with pure Dalek DNA. The Pig slaves restrained Sec while the Doctor escaped and trying to remove Dalekanium from it, but he failed. The lightning hit the transmitter and the Doctor and awakened the Dalek-Human army. Caan realized the Doctor survived and ordered the army and Thay and Jast to kill him.

The Doctor pleaded with them to listen to Sec because he was the cleverest Dalek in existence. He told them that if they chose death and destruction, then death and destruction would choose them. Thay tried to kill the Doctor but Sec sacrificed himself to save him. The army took aim at him but they questions their orders. The Doctor revealed that the lightning has caused his Gallifreyan DNA to mix with the Dalek-Humans and that gave them freedom. Thay and Jast killed a few Dalek-Humans but were killed in the process. Caan committed Genocide by killing the army with a high pitch sound that kills them when they refuse to obey orders and shocked the Doctor about the genocide. He confronts Caan and offered help but Caan used a temporal shift to escape the Doctor.

Despite the Time-lock, Caan shifted himself to the time war and was able to save Davros from the Nightmare Child on the first year of the Last Great Time War at the Gates of Elysium. But it cost his sanity. Davros recreated Dalek race out of using Kaled cells and built two hundreds ships for the Dalek Fleet.

The planet-sized station known as the Crucible was the flagship of the New Dalek Empire. The Supreme Dalek was created and locked him and Caan inside the Vault while guarded by Vault Daleks. The new fully-Empire transported 27 planets to the Medusa Cascade and took control over the planets. In their attack on Earth, they took many humans aboard their ships, and wiped out any resistance that they met. The Daleks also killed Harriet Jones. During the Dalek invasion A Dalek who was observed by a young Adelaide Brooke as it did her while be be passed by her house. This Dalek spared her life, flying off to space. This inspired her to go to space, not for revenge, but to explore. The Tenth Doctor believed it recognised her as a fixed point in time.

The new Empire planned to use the 27 planets in conjuction with the Crucible's energy source to power a Reality Bomb created by Davros who intend to make the destruction of all existence and allow the Daleks to be the sole inhabitants and masters of the universe. The Supreme One made an arrangement with Davros; the creator of the Daleks would ensure their domination of the universe if they allowed him to live. The plan failed by the inteference of DoctorDonna. The Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor destroyed the fleet and made the Crucible exploding. Caan was aboard the exploding Crucible with Davros, reminding the Doctor before he left that "One will still die." The clone committed Genocide on the New Dalek Empire which The Doctor never did this on his life and was exiled to Pete's World. That event has caused Daleks who participate the Battle of Canary Wharf sucked in The Void be destroyed and allowed a handful of Cybermen to escape with a stolen Dalek technology Dimension Vault.

fter the destruction of the New Dalek Empire by the Meta-Crisis Doctor three Dalek survivors onboard in their surviving ship used a Time corridor to escape the genocide to earth in 1941. The trio found a surviving Progenitor, which contains pure Dalek DNA, which they intend to create new Daleks with to restore their race. But it doesn't recognise them as Daleks because they were created using cells by Davros. They started a scheme called the Ironside Project and created an android named Edwin Bracewell to claim they were his inventions and two of the three Daleks pretended to be ironsides for the British Army on the World War II to ensure Winston Churchill will contact the Eleventh Doctor to trick him into deliver his testimony to the progenitor. Despite their cover blown, the Ironsides return to their ship to commence their plan. The Doctor used a Jammie Dodger to fool them thinking it was a TARDIS self-destruct. The Daleks revealed that the Progenitors were created in their past and they could be used in their future and activated a beacon to turn the lights of london on to allow German bombers destroy London. Five new, larger Daleks were created, with pure DNA, a new colour-coded rank, and a white Dalek Supreme as their commander. There was also a Blue (Strategist), Orange (Scientist), Yellow (Eternal) and Red (Drone). The Supreme Dalek told the old Daleks they were impure which they accepted and allowed themselves to be disintegrated with no resistance. The new Daleks discovered the deception and the Tardis self-destruct was fake. The Doctor told Danny Boy to destroy the ship after he destroyed the beacon. The Daleks threatened to destroy the Earth with the Oblivion Continuum inside Bracewell unless The Doctor called off his attack. He complied and returned to earth to disarm the bomb. After the bomb was disarmed, the new Daleks escaped in a time corridor to rebuild their empire based on the New Dalek Paradigm.

Following their escape, the Daleks discovered the lost Time Lord artefact, the Eye of Time, allowing them to alter time as they saw fit. The Daleks returned to Skaro, rebuilt their capital city of Kaalann, appointed a new Dalek Emperor and began rebuilding their Empire. In this new timeline, they killed every member of the human race. However, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy undid these events, leaving Earth unconquered and Kaalann still abandoned. The Dalek Supreme led an attack on the SS Lucy Grey to recover the Daleks' lost Time Axis. The Eleventh Doctor defeated them by firing their ship into the sun. The Dalek ship escaped by making a random jump several hundred years into the past. The Daleks attempted to force the Doctor to fix their ship by attaching his TARDIS into their ship; the Doctor escaped and used his TARDIS to fling their ship into a black hole.

A Scientist Dalek sent an alien family plummeting through time and space to collect all the Time Orbs. The Scientist recruited many Strategist Daleks and Drones. It also recruited big armies of Cybermen and Silurians as a distraction for the Eleventh Doctor and Amy.

At the beginning of the 40th century, the Daleks began another war with humanity which continued into the 41st century. The Eleventh Doctor and Amy encountered a group who had been sent on a mission to find a Dalek mutant being experimented on by a scientist who tried to make them less aggressive creatures. The Daleks referred to this mutant as "the Abomination". They attacked and destroyed Earth's top secret space station, Station 7, and chased the survivors to the planet Strantana below. After slaughtering all resistance, they finally found the Abomination in a hidden base, but it escaped its container and disabled the base reactor's safety measures. An explosion destroyed the base, the Daleks, the Abomination, and all the Dalek ships that had landed on the planet. The Doctor, Amy and Jay, an SSS officer, watched from a safe distance. The Dalek mission was a failure but the war continued. They had agents working in the SSS.

The Daleks joined the Alliance to imprison the Eleventh Doctor in the Pandorica in 102 to save the universe. As the Doctor was not responsible for the Total Event Collapse as they thought, the Daleks, along with almost the rest of the universe, were destroyed, leaving only two Stone Daleks, one of which hindered the Doctor and his companions' efforts to save the universe in 1996. Nevertheless, they were successful and the whole of reality, including the Daleks, were restored.

The Doctor had an encounter with the Daleks during which they exterminated Albert Einstein's toothbrush.

Searching for information on the Silence before going to what he assumed was his death, the Doctor found a badly damaged Supreme Dalek and looked up information on the Silence in it.

Led by a new Emperor Dalek, the Daleks planned to remove Gallifrey from existence and become the new Lords of Time. They used a piece of the Eternity Clock to put a Time-Lock around a large part of London in 2106. Once they perfected their Time-Lock technology, they planned to use it to put temporal bubbles around other planets, making them unstoppable. The Eleventh Doctor and River Song infiltrated the Emperor's Flagship and managed to take back the piece of the Clock.

At some point, a small contingent of bronze Daleks were sent on a mission to travel through Earth's history and analyse how humans made war so that weaknesses could be found and exploited in future conflicts with the Daleks. They called this the Dalek Project. The Eleventh Doctor encountered these Daleks in the First World War in 1917 where he sent their ship crashing to the ground by ramming a plane into it. The remaining Daleks were destroyed by the combined armies of the war who had formed a very brief alliance to defend themselves. The Dalek saucer remained underground for one hundred years before it was found and accidentally reactivated by a team of archaeologists. The Eleventh Doctor arrived in time to save them and connected the ship up to a power line, overloading the Daleks. he called this "unfinished business".

The Daleks were notable customers of the information regarding the Doctor held by the Inforarium. When the Eleventh Doctor discovered the Daleks, as well as the Cybermen and Sontarans, had been purchasing this information, he infiltrated the Inforarium and memory-proofed their database using methods he learned from the Silence. The information sold was thus instantly forgotten.

When a human starliner, the Alaska, crashlanded on the Dalek Asylum planet, the security of the insane Daleks contained there was compromised. Fearing what would happen if these Daleks were to escape, the Prime Minister ordered the abduction of the Doctor, who he knew as the predator of the Daleks, so he could be sent to the Asylum and lower its impenetrable force field so the Daleks could destroy their derranged brethren, despite their wish to preserve them and their "beautiful" hatred. Understanding that the Doctor was best assisted by his companions, his most recent ones, Amy Pond and Rory Williams, were abducted as well.

Once the planet's defences were lowered by the human-turned-Dalek, Oswin Oswald, the Parliament launched an attack to destroy the Asylum, but not before she wiped out all memory of the Doctor in the minds of every Dalek. When the Doctor came back to their ship, he was bombarded with "the First Question" ("Doctor Who?") by the entire Parliament. He left shortly after, but not before taunting the bewildered Daleks that they'd never stop asking.

At an unknown stage of their history, the New Dalek Paradigm discovered the superweapon known as the Cradle of the Gods and learned of its ability to create or destroy on a massive scale. To make use of the weapon, the Daleks used a huge galactic recession to their advantage and created 400 planets to provide homes to the billions of people affected, which were collectively referred to as the Sunlight Worlds. It was governed by the Dalek Foundation, with the planet Carthedia of the Earth Alliance acting as a head of state. While a generation of people believed the Daleks had created a welfare state, it was in fact a plan headed by the Dalek Time Controller and the Dalek Supreme to transform the 400 worlds into copies of Skaro.

However the Daleks were unable to activate the Cradle and so they sent an anonymous message in the form of a hypercube to the Doctor's TARDIS with the intention of manipulating him into activating the Cradle instead. The Doctor's investigations resulted in shock when he learned the Daleks were considered a force for good and he was placed on trial while trying to convince the citizens of Carthedia that they were evil, which the Daleks had declared a hate crime. He was put on trial by the Dalek Litigator, who was really the Dalek Time Controller posing as a law enforcer, and when he pleaded guilty in a failed attempt to anger the Dalek and was sentenced to imprisonment, he escaped off-planet with three orphaned children, Sabel, Jenibeth and Ollus Blakely, whose parents, Terrin and Alyst, had killed themselves to prevent the Daleks from obtaining the information on the Cradle they possessed.

After learning more about the Cradle on the desert planet of Gethria and losing Jenibeth, the Doctor tried to spark a revolution on Sunlight 349 to cause the collapse of the Dalek Foundation but he could not gather the necessary support. The Dalek Litigator arrived and subjected the Doctor to another public trial. Sabel and Ollus were taking away from the Doctor's care and he was exiled from the Sunlight Worlds. However he returned to Gethria 90 years in the future and encountered an elderly Jenibeth who had been transformed into a Dalek puppet after the Daleks took her prisoner as a child. The Dalek Time Controller arrived and forced the Doctor to activate the Cradle but Jenibeth's childlike mind allowed her to resist her conditioning and she fired on the Daleks, destroying numerous drones and forcing the Time Controller to retreat and the Doctor set the Cradle to self-destruct.

Before the Cradle exploded, it reverted the Sunlight Worlds to how Jenibeth remembered them as a child, as well as turning her and her siblings back into children and recreating their parents, although their memories were reverted too. While the Daleks abandoned the plan, the ultimate fate of the Sunlight Worlds is unknown. Their manipulation of the Doctor, however, caused him to realize how much of a danger he could potentially be, leading him to enter a short-lived retirement from travelling for a time in Victorian London.

The Daleks - along with the Cybermen, Sontarans, Slitheen, Terileptils, Silurians, Judoon, Weeping Angels and many other species - were driven to Trenzalore by a mysterious message, a question asked by the Time Lords through a crack in the universe with the answer being the Doctor's true name. If it was answered, the Time Lords would return and the waiting fleets would fire on them, beginning another Time War. The Papal Mainframe arrived at the planet first and set up a force field which locked all the other species out of the planet and the Siege of Trenzalore began.

While the other species attempted to sneak past the force field, the Daleks called for reinforcements, preparing for war. Eventually they attacked the mainframe, killing everyone before converting them into Dalek puppets. Information regarding the Doctor was harvested from Tasha Lem, resulting in the Daleks remembering who he was. They also revived, tortured, and killed Tasha "several times" in an effort to learn how to break the force field. The Daleks then arranged for the Doctor to be lured into a trap, but Tasha managed to break free from her conditioning and destroyed the Daleks sent to kill the Doctor. Despite the trap failing, the Daleks managed to breach the force field, and the Siege of Trenzalore grew into a war as the species orbiting the planet followed the Daleks through the force field. After much fighting, many of these species were killed or retreated. The Doctor and the Mainframe's Silent priests acted as the last line of defense against the Daleks but they too were overpowered and the Doctor, having used up all twelve of his regenerations, grew too old to continue fighting.

With the resistance dealt with, the Daleks began looking for the Doctor in the town of Christmas with Dalek fighter pods firing on the town and a huge flying saucer descending upon it. However, Clara Oswald pleaded to the Time Lords to grant the Doctor a new regeneration cycle and the Doctor began regenerating into his twelfth incarnation. The energy released was enough to destroy some of the attacking Fighter Pods and the final burst destroyed the saucer. The shockwave blew apart the Daleks ground forces, ending the war.

At some point the Combined Galactic Resistance formed to battle the Daleks and captured a damaged Dalek that was later named Rusty. After the Twelfth Doctor rescued Journey Blue, the Resistance asked him to help fix Rusty as he had been turned good. The Doctor, Clara Oswald, Journey and two soldiers traveled into Rusty and located a crack in his power source that was spewing radiation and killing him, losing one soldier along the way. The Doctor repaired the crack with his sonic screwdriver, but the radiation had been causing the Dalek's change and it turned evil again, breaking free of its restraints and calling in more Daleks to destroy the Aristotle. At the insistence of Clara, the Doctor, Clara, Journey and the remaining soldier attempted to turn Rusty good again by reactivating his suppressed memories, particularly that of a star being born which would open him to the Doctor's influence. Clara succeeded in reactivating the memories, opening Rusty's mind and the Doctor telepathically linked with him to get him to see the good in the universe through the Doctor. However, the "beauty" that Rusty saw was the destruction of the Daleks by the Doctor in the past and realizing they were evil, Rusty turned on the attacking Daleks who were attacking the human resistance fighters and slaughtered his fellow Daleks. Telling the Doctor that he wasn't a good Dalek but the Doctor was, Rusty ordered the Dalek flying saucer that was docked with the Aristotle to retreat, claiming that the humans had activated the ship's self-destruct then left with them to continue his war against his own kind.