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The Cosmic Controllers are a group of characters that are named after the eight major media: Books, Newspaper, Magazine, Movies, Radio, Television, Video Games, and Internet. Each controls a different universe. They are also the main characters of a series with the same name.


Main article: Books

Books is the oldest of the Cosmic Controllers. He is portly, old looking, and, like the others, is short. His room is the Cosmic Library.


Main article: Newspaper

Newspaper is the second oldest Cosmic Controller. He is skinny, weak, and old looking. He looks this way because newspaper is, in the creator's opinion, a dying medium. He also cannot hear very well.


Main article: Magazine

Magazine is the the third oldest and only female Cosmic Controller. She is portly, like Books, and looks middle aged. She acts like a mother to all younger cosmic controllers as the next cosmic controller was born about 200 Earth years after she was.


Main article: Movies

Movies is the fourth oldest Cosmic Controller. He is somewhat portly, not as portly as Books or Magazine. He, Television, and Video Games are the inventors of the Cosmic controllers. His room is the Cosmic Theater.


Main article: Radio

Radio is the fifth oldest and least appearing Cosmic Controller. He is skinnier than Movies. He is more likely the narrator than a character in the series. His room is the Cosmic Radio Station.


Main article: Television

Television, also called, "TV", is the sixth oldest Cosmic Controller. He is about the same size as Radio. He, Movies, and Video Games are the inventors of the comic controllers. TV thinks that he is the most intelligent Cosmic Controller.

Video Games

Main article: Video Games

Video Games is the seventh oldest Cosmic Controller. He is smaller and skinnier than TV. He looks like a teenage Cosmic Controller. He is obsessed with video games and is something of a loose canon. He, Movies, and Television are the inventors of the comic controllers. His room is the Cosmic Game Room/Cosmic Holodeck.


Main article: Internet

World Wide Web, more commonly known as "Internet", is the youngest Cosmic Controller. He is the smallest of the controllers. He looks like a baby cosmic controller. He never speaks because he is unable to. Magazine believes that it is because he is shy. His room is the Cosmic Laboratory.

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